Advantages of living and owning in Turkey

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Living in Turkey has become the focus of people’s attention to start a new life, aiming to take advantage of the capabilities and advantages that the state grants to citizens and residents on the economic and social levels. Many consider it a safe haven for residence, a decent life, and investment of all kinds.

In addition to the excellent education in all its stages and specializations, the availability of good job opportunities, and the solid health system, Turkey has become a suitable place for many Arab and foreign nationalities, which has added cultural diversity to the patterns of community life in it, in addition to the important economic role played by these communities.

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1- Requirements for living in Turkey
2- Types of residence in Turkey
3- Advantages of living in Turkey
4- The costs of life in Turkey
5- Real estate ownership in Turkey

Requirements for living in Turkey
From a legal point of view, if you have made the decision to live in Turkey, you should follow some legal procedures, to obtain permission to enter Turkey and live in Turkey.

First of all, it is necessary to review one of the Turkish embassies spread around the world, to obtain an entry visa (visa to Turkey) according to the instructions prescribed for the citizens of each country, and then it is necessary to apply for a residence permit in Turkey, in order to live legally on Turkish territory.

Ownership in Turkey
Ownership in Turkey

Types of residency in Turkey
There are various types of residency in Turkey as follows:

Tourist residency in Turkey
It is known as short-term residence in Turkey, which most foreign tourists and residents apply for.

Permanent residence in Turkey
It is known as long-term residence in Turkey, which is granted after the lapse of 8 years continuously and regularly from residence in Turkey.

Work residence permit in Turkey
Known as the work permit, which is given to foreign employees in Turkish companies.

Student residence permit in Turkey
It is obtained by students who study in Turkish universities.

Family residence permit in Turkey
Which is granted to people married to Turkish citizens, according to which the bearers are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship after 3 years of living in Turkey.

Real estate residence permit in Turkey
It is known as real estate residence in Turkey, granted to whoever buys a property in Turkey, grants the right to the wife and children also to reside with the owner of the property.

Advantages of living in Turkey
Life in Turkey is often characterized by ease of transactions, such as extracting papers and restrictions, and conducting various transactions in government departments.
The simplicity of life and its distance from the class differences among people, which is reflected in the aspects of the normal life of the Turkish people in all their daily practices in public places, which gives a feeling of comfort and acceptance among the newcomers to Turkey.
The high level of education in Turkey, which attracts more students and families to choose to live in Turkey, as the grant system launched by the Turkish government at the beginning of every new year works to attract international students from all over the world; This is because Turkish universities have an educational level with advanced international standards, as well as the quality of education and ease of enrollment in universities, and there are many qualitative disciplines with promising future opportunities. Not to mention the availability of public, private and international schools in every city and neighborhood.
The charming nature and tourist attractions in Turkey, an attractive factor to enjoy the tranquility of nature, the charming sea views of the Bosphorus, in addition to green meadows, and the fragrant history of museums, palaces and historical mosques, which attract millions of tourists every year.
Job opportunities in Turkey are an important advantage for new young people, as Turkey is one of the leading countries in the field of industries and self-employment, which provides prospects for many businesses, as well as areas for tourism work, in addition to real estate investment opportunities in Turkey.
A cohesive medical system for all segments of society, as Turkey was one of the few countries that has withstood the last global medical pandemic, and was able, with its own capabilities, to manufacture adequate medical devices and equipment, and even export them abroad. The medical and social insurance systems cover all citizens and residents of state hospitals for free, and with additional facilities in private hospitals.
Advantages of living in Turkey
Advantages of living in Turkey

Cost of life in Turkey
The cost of living in Turkey is within relatively low limits when compared to other countries, as the minimum wage can provide a reasonable life for an individual and his family.

Residential rental costs in Turkey vary greatly, according to the neighborhood, region and city you prefer to live in.

As for consumer prices, they vary according to their source, and not all Turkish cities are considered expensive, but Istanbul is at the top of the list of the most expensive cities in Turkey, given that it is the economic capital of the country and the center of financial life in it, in addition to being a tourist city in the first class, while most Other cities have relatively lower prices than Istanbul.

Real estate ownership in Turkey
Turkey annually ranks among the top 10 countries for real estate ownership in the world, due to the special economic advantages that the real estate market enjoys in various Turkish cities.

As well as common cultural commonalities between Turkish culture and Arab cultures in most details of life, from food and drink to religious and moral values.

Ownership in Turkey
Ownership in Turkey

Advantages of owning a property in Turkey
Turkey is an incubator environment for real estate investment thanks to the economic stability that the country enjoys, which is a result of political and security stability .. Therefore, it has become an appropriate and even preferred place for Arab owners and investors, with the aim of stability and launching new businesses in it.
Ease of movement between Turkey and the Arab countries due to its relative proximity to some Arab countries, which saves the trouble and costs of travel.

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