Real estate consultancy

We at Hayat Estate provide real estate consultancy service with love, interest and honesty.

Real estate consultancy

Where we first know the requirements of the client and his objectives of investment, and then we study all the details about these requirements from the aspects and we provide thoughtful advice to the client.

Real estate consultancy

Real estate consultancy

There are no successful real estate investments without a clear strategy and methodology before starting to implement them, in light of the urban revolution taking place in real estate in Turkey and real estate in Istanbul, the real estate investor has to be careful and meticulous in the question of choosing the right property for investment with also a clear study on property management After the purchase and all of that to achieve the highest financial return on investment.

Legal services

We provide our clients with a wide range of legal support services through our specialized team of Turkish lawyers with long experience in dealing with all aspects of real estate transactions.

Our team will provide you with legal advice that ensures that you proceed on a legal basis that guarantees your rights at every step, for example when you buy a property in Turkey, you must obtain the title deed and other routine procedures related to it, so we advise you to go to the notary to issue a special power of attorney that allows us to follow up The topic is for you.

We dedicate a full legal team to your real estate transactions to meet all matters related to real estate ownership, residency or obtaining Turkish citizenship, and support during all stages of the legal procedures without any additional fees and to fully guarantee your rights.

✓ Consultation related to Turkish citizenship through the purchase of real estate in Turkey

✓ Follow up on the title deed matters and the legal matters related to that

✓ Procurement contracts in projects under construction and related matters

✓ Resolve real estate disputes through mediation or legal procedures

✓ Legal advice on companies in Turkey

✓ Formation of companies in Turkey

✓ Establish branches of a company based outside Turkey

✓ Preparing shareholder agreements

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