Real Estate Marketing

We at Hayat Estate always strive to be the companion of the real estate investor and those wishing to own real estate in Turkey.

Real Estate Marketing

We work in the field of real estate marketing on a constant search for the best suitable offers for our clients through our existing real estate base or through a special search according to the client's desire.

Real Estate Marketing

We are always keen to sign real estate marketing contracts with the largest Turkish construction companies with excellent experience and reputation in the Turkish market. We do this because we always strive to provide the best and most reliable offers to our customers. We study every project and make sure of its documentation and completion, and we also study its value as an investment opportunity.

In the field of real estate marketing, the real estate marketer must be very keen on continuous work, be of high honesty and responsibility, and be in the trust of the investor and the client.

After-sales service

After purchasing your property through hayat estate, our services will not only stop here, but we will start providing you with the best after-sales services, and here are some of them:

  • We offer our customers a full range of after-sales services once they decide to buy a property through us without any additional fees
  • We will support our customers by extracting the necessary tax number for every foreigner intending to buy a property in Turkey
  • Opening a bank account
  • Application for a residence permit in Turkey
  • Procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship through our company’s lawyer who specializes in nationality matters
  • Buy furniture and home décor from the best companies at the best prices
  • Follow up on monthly payments and installments and provide you with periodic account statements, in order to stay in touch and make sure that your money has reached the developer’s bank account or you are given bank receipts
  • Sending updated project photos and videos regularly during the construction process and ensuring that the project is fully prepared
  • If you are authorized to obtain the title deed for your property, we will be happy to provide you with the best support and we will stay with you step by step to consult with you and prepare any required documents that will be required for that.
  • If you wish to resell or rent your property, we also help you to do so as soon as possible through our specialized team to ensure that your property is managed properly.

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